O Vancouver!



Vancouver is a breathtaking place with as much diversity a city could offer.  You're never left bored in a city where so many cultures come together.  Food choices especially are abundant with almost every fare you love within blocks of each other.  My boyfriend, and I were in heaven.  We tried everything from the Asian cuisine, poutine, to fresh seafood.  There were too many amazing  experiences in Vancouver so I'll highlight my favorites.  We stayed in Yale Town, and took a scenic water taxi over to Granville Island for a late brunch.  We got a little bit of everything from the Granville Island Market, but what made me happy dance was the Clam Chowder Pot Pie from A la Mode, and green tea, milk tea chocolates from La Chocolaterie.  That same day we rented bikes (we went with the tandem bike since we are the founding members of Dorks R Us), and rode around Stanley Park.  It was by far the best part of our trip.  The stunning views of the city, water, mountains made the hour long ride worthwhile.  Another place I would go back to is Vij's known for their inventive Indian food.  There's always a line, but the goodness is worth it.

The cool, crisp weather in Vancouver was a nice welcome from the hot summer we've been having.  My jackets, and sweaters were so happy to see the light of day.  It was the perfect style weather.  While shopping I stayed comfortable in jeans, and a bright vintage top.  And for a "let's play it by ear" day, I wore shorts with tights, and a leather jacket that I layered with a vest.  I can't wait for things to cool down so my jackets, and sweaters can stay around for awhile.

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The Versatile Dress

Dress: Aritzia Shoes: Aldo

This dress will fulfill every need you desire-- sexy, classy, stylish, easy, and comfortable.  This is what I wore during the Project Runway fashion show during the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I had the fun opportunity of taking over Lookbook's Instagram account for the show so I needed the perfect dress.  The dress hugs you in all the right places.  It's made with a soft yarn so once you've slipped in, you won't want to take it off.  It's truly the dress for many occasions.  This one's a keeper.  

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A Day In Chicago

Romper: Kimchi Blue Jacket: Levi's Hat: Topshop Flats: Latigo

While visiting my boyfriend's hometown of Kalamazoo, MI, we headed over to Chicago (where he went to college) for one day/night.  With only 24 hours to spend, we packed in as much as possible.  First, we started with brunch at the Bongo Room then squeezed in some incredible vintage shopping in Wicker Park.  We then hopped on an architectural boat tour so that I could get an overall feel for the city.  Unfortunately, the rain kept us inside for the second half of the cruise.  Always be prepared for Chicago's unpredictable weather.  At this point we worked up an appetite for Chicago's infamous deep dish pizza.  We headed to Chicago's home favorite, Lou Malnati's, and the pizza met all of my expectations.  SO GOOD.  As if we didn't have enough food, we stopped at Garrett for some popcorn.  The cheese/caramel, and kettle corn...AMAZING.  We then checked into the beautiful James Hotel in the Magnificent Mile district.  The lobby is decorated with cool vintage suitcases, and walls with colorful murals.  Their beds were so comfortable that I struggled with being productive, or to lay starfish in bed the rest of the day.  Yes, that comfortable.  For dinner we noshed on fried chicken, nachos, and fries at Little Goat.  We ended our day with a nightcap overlooking the spectacular skyline at the top of the John Hancock Center.  Our last day we went to the top of the Willis Tower (Sears Tower).  If you're brave enough, you can stand in the glass box, and look down 110 stories.  You really get a sense of how massive, and beautiful the city is.  Wish we could've stayed longer to do, and see more.  But, don't think we didn't leave without eating Maxwell Street Polishes ...and more popcorn.  

Just because you're sightseeing doesn't mean you can't stay stylish (I'm still seeing fanny packs).  My obsession with the romper continues which was a good choice during a humid day in Chicago.  I wore a hat to manage my crazy,  it-won't-stop-expanding hair, and wore a light jacket.  I like to be prepared for the air conditioning that can be arctic in some establishments.  Lastly, comfortable flats for all the walking.  Make sure you wear a pair you've broken in!  

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John Street: Boho

Top: Aritzia  Shorts: Aritzia  Oxfords: Chelsea Crew  Handbag: Eric Javits
Photos by Stuart Tracte

Many moons ago, I worked on a film called Four Brothers in Toronto for almost 6 months.  During that time I fell in love with a store called Aritzia, so much so that upon returning to the States, I wrote the company a letter requesting they open up a store in the U.S. Why the obsession?  Not only do I love their selection, but the fit of their clothing is fantastic.  They have two locations in Manhattan so I put my card to good use.  

Also, came across my new favorite oxfords.  I've been looking for the perfect pair that is dressy with a slight heel, and pointy at the toe.  These Chelsea Crew oxfords met all the requirements, and they go with everything.  Shopping in NYC is the best in the country.  Do I have to leave? bohobohoboho

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