June Gloom

Tunic Dress: Ginger G, Chemise: American Apparel, Belt: Forever 21, Jacket: Thread & Supply, Shoes: Banana Republic, Sunglasses Ray-Ban 
Photos by Katie Parker

June Gloom is a term used in southern California to describe the weather during early summer.  Overcast skies, and cool weather make for interesting clothing choices.  This great faux leather jacket by Thread & Supply is perfect in keeping comfortable in cool conditions. When the sun decides to peek out and announce that it's summer then I'm prepared in my light, sheer dress.  Any long tunic can be converted into a dress--add a skinny belt for some shape. There's no reason to let the gloom in June bring you down--instead have fun with the endless spring/summer clothing combinations.  

Thread & Supply is another Los Angeles based brand.  And the owners/designers are dear friends of mine from Maryland.  They offer a great range of outerwear in various styles for the fashion conscious woman.  I will be posting more great pieces from them soon.  

Our location for this shoot was the railroad tracks that run along the L.A. River in downtown.  The area is eery yet peaceful.  We highly recommend the area to photographers looking for cool locations.  

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Spring Fling

Dress: Stella & Jamie, Purse: Stella & Jamie, Shoes: Guess
           Photos by Katie Parker

I love this dress by Stella & Jamie; it's perfect for spring and summer.  What I love the most is that it's appropriate for almost any occasion.  You can throw a blazer over it during the day with some flats then slip into some fun heels to transform your look for a night out.  It's flirty and fun without revealing too much.  Perfect for that special date or girls-night-out!  

For those who aren't familiar with Stella & Jamie; I love them.  They are based out of Los Angeles and their clothes compliment every type of body.  April Mun, the owner and designer, is so kind and talented.  I'll be featuring their clothes and accessories a lot on my blog.  I love supporting local designers--and when you know they are great people--it's a bonus.