Tank: Topshop, Wrap: Ecote, Shorts: Levi's Shoes: Zara
Photos by Katie Parker

Coachella is about the fashion as much as it is the music.  I love the "anything goes" spirit of the festival.  You can be as free and expressive as you'd like--so have fun!

I went to Coachella for the first time last weekend and had such a great time.  I went up with one of my best friends, Taraji P. Henson for the day to see the Wu Tang Clan perform.  I've been a big fan of Wu Tang for so long and it was an even bigger bonus to find out how nice they are.  We were able to watch the entire performance from the stage so I was able to capture some amazing pictures of the crowd, and their energy. Wu Tang's performance was backed by a full orchestra--and they killed it.   If you're headed out to Coachella this weekend--have a fantastic time!

*Tip: It's scorching hot during the day and chilly in the evening.  I'd bring a jacket and sunglasses for the evening since it can get pretty windy.  We got caught in a sandstorm so be prepared for that too.