Blush in High Heels

Top: Stella & Jamie  Pants: H&M  Heels: Aldo
Photos by Katie Parker

Not as cool as black maybe because blush has an ultra feminine connotation.  Whatever the reason, this soft color can enhance your skin tone and accentuate your favorite makeup.  I like how the zipper detail in the pants add a bit of edge to the outfit.  Lastly, pointed toe-heels...I can't get enough.  These Aldo heels are one of my favorites (and no I wasn't paid to write this).  Some wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of shoes less than a mortgage payment.  But, truthfully, I love what I love.  So hand me the Choos and the Maddens.  If I love you then you're coming home with me.  Simple as that. 
P.S..  Bury me in heels please.

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