Hippie Chick

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Elliott Lucca, Necklace: Topshop 
Photos by Katie Parker 

I often love anything bohemian so it's no surprise that I want everything from Free People.  The expression of romance and free-spirit is what draws me to this particular style.  The beauty of it is it's not a passing trend either.  

The hopeless romantic in me is in love with Free People's short film campaign called Roshambo.  It is a three part series starring Christopher AbbottRoshambo Roshambo Rock, Roshambo Paper-Scissors.  I think you'll agree that the campaign is seductive and enchanting.

For our shoot location, Katie and I picked the old LA zoo at Griffith Park.  If you ever want a unique experience I recommend this place.  The zoo was abandoned in the 60s and now it's a picnic area.  Some people refer to it as spooky and some call it beautiful--it's worth exploring.  

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