O Vancouver!



Vancouver is a breathtaking place with as much diversity a city could offer.  You're never left bored in a city where so many cultures come together.  Food choices especially are abundant with almost every fare you love within blocks of each other.  My boyfriend, and I were in heaven.  We tried everything from the Asian cuisine, poutine, to fresh seafood.  There were too many amazing  experiences in Vancouver so I'll highlight my favorites.  We stayed in Yale Town, and took a scenic water taxi over to Granville Island for a late brunch.  We got a little bit of everything from the Granville Island Market, but what made me happy dance was the Clam Chowder Pot Pie from A la Mode, and green tea, milk tea chocolates from La Chocolaterie.  That same day we rented bikes (we went with the tandem bike since we are the founding members of Dorks R Us), and rode around Stanley Park.  It was by far the best part of our trip.  The stunning views of the city, water, mountains made the hour long ride worthwhile.  Another place I would go back to is Vij's known for their inventive Indian food.  There's always a line, but the goodness is worth it.

The cool, crisp weather in Vancouver was a nice welcome from the hot summer we've been having.  My jackets, and sweaters were so happy to see the light of day.  It was the perfect style weather.  While shopping I stayed comfortable in jeans, and a bright vintage top.  And for a "let's play it by ear" day, I wore shorts with tights, and a leather jacket that I layered with a vest.  I can't wait for things to cool down so my jackets, and sweaters can stay around for awhile.

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